EASC3408: Geophysics

Published in Department of Earth Sciences, University of Hong Kong, 2020

Geophysics studies the physics of the entire planet Earth. Geophysicists study about everything that means the Earth’s atmosphere (low, middle and high), ionosphere, thermosphere, near- Earth space environment, oceans, cryosphere (glaciers) as well as the solid Earth (crust, mantle, outer and inner core) and it’s thermal evolution. Modern Geophysics is also concerned with Earth’s interactions with the Moon and Sun.

Why Geophysics?

  • Geophysics is a key part of Earth Sciences
  • Applied Geophysics is closely related to human daily life (earthquakes, weather, climate)
  • Important for geo and future space exploration
  • Lots of opportunities as a research career (AGU, JpGU, EGU, etc.)


  • Fundamentals of Geophysics, 2nd Edition William Lowrie, ISBN 978-0521675963
  • Geodynamics, 3rd Edition, Donald L. Turcotte and Gerald Schubert ISBN 978-0-521-18623-0
  • Introduction to Seismology Peter M. Shearer, ISBN 0-521-66953-7

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