Welcome to my page!

I’m a space physicist and planetary scientist:beer::beer::beer: working on the development of first-principles, high-performance computing based numerical tools for understanding the dynamic evolution of terrestrial and planetary space environments. The changing geospace environment affects activities such as communication and operation of space systems, which is known as space weather. The computational tools developed through my research projects are potentially promising for the prediction of space weather that impacts our daily life.

What I’m working on

Started from a pioneer MHD code called the Lyon-Fedder-Mobarry (LFM), my colleagues and I have developed a general-purposed code for solving the equations of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). Currently we focus mostly on the solar system, occupying the Solar corona, Inner Heliosphere, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn. Maybe Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Krypton etc. in the future.


If you are a student with a solid background in mathematics and/or physics, a broad interest in modeling space plasma environments and with a general love for applied math and science, feel free to contact me. There are plenty opportunities within my current projects/collaborations given the set of scientific tools I’m working on, and I’m always keen to get started on something new, difficult and exciting.